Website Regular Content Ideas

When it comes to getting more website traffic and encouraging Google to rank your website highly – content remains king. Your website must be relevant and up to date. This alone encourages more visitors and generates more links to your site.

With regular content updates you have something to share and promote via social media platforms easily. Using a social media management platform like Hootsuite, you can stagger when these updates go live and increase the chance of people visiting your site over a longer period of time. Google’s Webmaster quality guidelines clearly state that you should be focused on the users of your site and not a search engine:

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”

Regular features: Come up with a title for a regular feature you can easily post about. This could be anything relevant and easy that can be accessed and archived.

Allow guest posting: Why do all the work? Allow other people to put their input on your website.

Videos: Instructional video tips. Using software like Snagit or Camtasia is easy to produce and upload.

User Generated content: (UGC) Reviews, feedback are all useful updates for your website.

FAQ’s: All the questions that people ask about your company answered.

Interviews: Interviews with relevant people / clients are a good way to keep users up to date with work you’re producing and are quick and easy to produce.

Blog post series: A series of blogs focused on the same theme. These can be updated weekly/monthly to make an archived series.

Reviews: These can be UGC reviews or your own of significant products or services.

Instructional posts: “How to” articles that users can easily follow.

Combining content into an ebook: Content like blog post series and articles can quite easily be made into an ebook. Publishing on platforms like the Amazon kindle also gives Google something to rank.

An investment in exciting and readable content is an investment in your website and business. If you are not used to writing, some companies like Pixus Web Design in Liverpool have dedicated writers who can help you.